Frequently asked Online Design Questions

What if I dont like my final design?

What If I dont like my final design? Thats why though the online platform or emails chats I encourage you to give your best feedback, collaborate on design choices and ideas to the best of your ability in order to give you the best final design until you are 100% satisfied.

How do we keep in communication and for how long?

How do we communicate Once I have received your payment for the process we will interact with each other through the messaging platform in the Woodka Interiors account you will sign in to. You will receive an email notification when new messages are sent and received in real-time. In the platform you will have access to the entire design process from start to finish. How much can we communicate? You can communicate with me as much as needed throughout the design process. Once your project is complete and you're happy with the final design, you will have access to your platform for 2 weeks to resolve any outstanding questions and finalize all the finishing touches! Let me know about it! I encourage you to give open and honest feedback and collaborate to your heart’s desire until you’re completely satisfied.

Do I need to start my design right away?

No, once you made your purchase, your design fee will never expire. You can use it when ever you area ready. I am here to simplify your design process to the best of my ability, as we all know it can be a stressfull especially if its your first time with the online process. It will be my design mission to provide
you with support and to help you find your solution to any decor or furniture advice you may need. Im here for you for all your interior design needs and an amazing one on one experience to handle any problems throughout this process.

What is the difference between your packages

Whats the difference between your packages? Our Lite package is just the thing for room updates or a refresh. Perfect if you already have quite a few items for your room and simply need to add some additional pieces and touches. As part of the package, you get personalised product categories such as; wall paint, king-size bed, blinds, bedside lamp, rug and ceiling lamp with a maximum of 2 options to choose from. In the Classic package, you get a maximum of three options for each product, so you can swap around to see how your favourites work together. For complete room transformations, our Premium package area ideal. We offer unlimited product categories in as part of this, offering everything you need to create your perfect room.

Can I contact my designer once my project is completed

Yes you may, we include an extra two week buffer zone after your design is complete. Make use of this time to ask any questions or if you need to make any changes, during that two weeks. That would be the time to mention it.

How long does the e-design process take?

Once we have your completed the brief, you have 2-4 weeks design time. Post design, you have a further two weeks to ask questions and make any reasonable changes. Typically, we're done and dusted anywhere between 10-15 working days.

Where do you source your products from?

We work with many retailers, suppliers and vendors. We have many products that you may like to use in your design from our from our home decor store, so keep that in mind. Please let your designer know which stores you like, as one of our suppliers might be one of your favourites.

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