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Interior Design is definitely the core that keeps our passion for design, home decor and interior decoration of spaces alive. Woodka Interiors offers an interior design solution to give everyone a well designed, functional and beautiful interior, that will speak volumes in their lives. We all about designing beautiful and functional spaces for families to enjoy and maintain their homes for many years to come

Our Philosophy: We Help You Create Beautiful Interiors

We create homes by using objects and showing it off with its best advantages. Woodka Interiors main focus is to add value to every clients home by bringing out the clients personality by decorating their space through their most loved collections

Your First Time Hiring An Interior Designer?



Taking the leap into hiring an interior designer whether its an online interior designer or in-house designer. It can leave you indecisive and feeling very overwhelmed.

But, not to worry, by taking the basic steps to ensure you having a fun and exciting time during this phase will help to create a wonderful and personal space for you and your family


-Have realistic expectations

-Communication is key

-Knowing Your Budget

-Having A Vision


Start by knowing your wants and needs in your space and the more you share your vision with your designer, the easier and more tailored your homes design will reflect your choices. 

Lets start your design process with us at Woodka Interiors

Our Interior Design Services Are Affordable For Your Style Solutions:

Be it a complete fresh new look for any area of the home. Or a gallery wall that needs styling advice or a new colour palette for your living area. Our interior design service is the perfect solution to help you solve those decorating dilemmas. We designers, decorators and  dedicators to any area of the home with our affordable interior design service and we also love giving innovative and easy design tips for you to use decorating your home.

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