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Home Decor

Add those final decor touches to your home.

Personalise your space with home accents, from baskets and planters to our decorative mirror trays and rug selection. Take inspiration from our vases to add personality to your side table or bookshelf to unique planter pots to give your plants a new home. Find decor objects that match your ideal style. Take the steps forward to stunning results with our collection of home decor to complete the style of your home.


Versatile And A Statement Piece.

From a statement planter to home storage, a decorative basket from woven seagrass or bold patterns will add loads of texture to your home. Grab a unique storage basket from Woodka Interiors to keep things organised in the area.


New Home Update Or Unique Gift

A lovely scented candle, a forever blooming plant, or a plush throw can make all the difference in a room. Infuse your interior with unique statement pieces that will instantly update your room. 


Striking And Effortlessly Chic.

Adorn your home and bring those blank walls to life with inspired artful decorative elements. Make a statement with inspired decor wall art to complete your space. A fresh perspective to elevate your home.

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Home Accents 

Home Inspiration

Refine your space with our home decor collection. Whether you want to add a new decorative accent to your existing living space or furnishings for a new space, Woodka Interiors has the decor to suit every room and every style.

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