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5 Reasons You Need Indoor Plants

Plants can add a wonderful addition to a living space. So bring those beauties indoors. Not only do they create that natural sanctuary feeling, indoor greenery is a great way to bring the outdoors, indoors. Plus, they also smell amazing.

Indoor plants can have a number of benefits.

Reasons you need plants in the home

1. They Purify The Air

They have the ability to clean the air. Studies have shown that houseplants remove harmful indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, ammonia, pollen, mold and more.

And the cleaner the air the better right!!

2. They Can Help With General Overall Wellbeing

Most studies show that plants contributes to a feeling of wellbeing, making people more optimistic and happier. So surrounding yourself with a little bit of greenery can contribute to making you feel more calmer and reduce anxiety.

3.Perfect For Styling Any Area In The Home

Plants add that much needed colour to any space. Think white wall with a colourful planter…Need to fill that awkward space? No better way than to incorporate some greenery!!. Style them on your bookshelf or side table with smaller decorative pieces such as picture frames and candlesticks.

4. Can Spark Creativity

Studies have shown that some plants like lavender and lilies can help with improving memory, reduce stress and increase productivity in the the work space. Plants create a relaxing and calming environment. So add those plants to your workplace or home office.

5.They Can Be Low Maintenance

There is lots of plants that are super low maintenance, great right!!

So for those that have the black thumb like me, snake plants, air plants and catci are all great choices. And if you want the greenery but the zero maintenance then fake or artificial plants will do. They wont help with purifying the air, but great for decorating.

Make you home feel homier. No better way to bring new life into your home, by incorporating a plant or two.

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