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6 Stylish Occasional Tables for Any Interior

If you are tight on space and in the market for a decorative furniture piece that is practical as it is chic, consider adding a side table, decorative stool, or end table. Side tables can provide extra storage without crowding the room. Whether you’re a minimalist, a mid-century creative, or even ultra-modern, create a cohesive look in your living room, bedroom, or patio with eye-catching side tables. These small accent pieces can create a strong impact when used together to tie different areas of the space together. An occasional table easily fits within any space adding functional beauty and character to your home's interior. Its presence is a refreshing change of pace that can spruce up any room and with so many options available, there is no limit to the style you can achieve!

style side table in living room

A side table is an easy way to add extra storage for displaying plants, books, and accessories in any room of the house. Place beside sofas and chairs, in entryways or hallways, or even in an office in all shapes and sizes from round to square — There are many choices when it comes to decorating, so there is bound to be one that suits your style perfectly. They make great nightstands in the bedroom to display your essentials stylishly.

metal round side table

Table No.01

Dot Metal Side Table

Product Details:

Material: Metal, Mdf |

Dimensions: 60cm(h) x 60cm(d) |Free standing design |

Sleek and simple | Color: Black | Style: Two-tiered structure

The double-decker Dot Side Table is a stylish and functional addition to any living space! With its sleek design and two-tiered structure, it offers not only a modern aesthetic but also practical storage solutions. This side table can be a great choice for those who want to enhance their home decor while maximizing space utilization. The dual levels provide opportunities to showcase decorative accessories on the top surface, such as candles, small sculptures, or a stylish lamp, while the lower shelf can be utilized for storing books or even incorporating some greenery with potted plants.

metal and mirro side table

Table No.02

Metal & Mirror Side Table  

Product Details: 

Material: Metal, Mirror | Dimensions:40cm(h) x 53cm(h) |Free standing design |Sleek and simple | Color: Matt Black | Style: Mirror top with metal legs

The combination of a matte black finish on the frame and the reflective surface of the mirror on the side table creates a compelling blend of sleek modernity and sophisticated glamour. This mix of textures and finishes not only adds visual interest but also allows the side table to seamlessly fit into various design schemes. In the living room, it can serve as a chic accent side table next to your sofa, offering both storage and display options. In the bedroom, it could function as a bedside table, combining practicality with a touch of sophistication. Placing it in a stylish corner of your office can elevate the overall ambiance of the space. This mirror top side table creates a cohesive and well-curated look to elevate the design of your interiors.

Pair a side table with end tables with similar design elements.

If the side table has a modern, clean-lined design, style an end table with a similar aesthetic. Consistency in design elements can tie the pieces together seamlessly. For instance, if the side table has a mirror surface, you might pair it with end tables featuring wood or metal elements.

nesting side tables

Styling End Tables For Any Tight Space

End tables take up much less space but offer plenty of functionality by providing storage. End tables are similar to side tables but usually have more height and are great to place next to couches or chairs. These versatile pieces are perfect for enhancing your bedroom and living room with an eye-catching accent that easily ties a room together.


End Table No.01

Nesting Side Table Set With Trays

Material: Metal |Free standing design |Sleek and simple | Color: Matt Black | Style: open top with metal legs | comes with 2 trays

The feature of these nesting tables lies in the easy-to-remove decorative trays that effortlessly top the sleek metal frames. Not only as a functional element for placing essentials, the trays can be used separately to serve snacks or drinks effortlessly. The combination of functionality without compromising style makes this nesting side table set an ideal choice whether to showcase artistic decor, books, or vibrant plants. The tables provide the perfect platform for your creativity.

wood and concrete base side table

End Table No.02

Temon Side/End Table

Product Details: 

Material: concrete, wood, metal| Dimensions: 43cm(h) x 33cm(d) |Free standing design |Sleek and simple | Round concrete Base | Suitable indoors only | Style: End Side Table | Suitable indoors only | No assembly required

With its sleek and modern design, the Temon side table emerges as the ultimate statement piece in home decor. The side/end table introduces balance and style to your home interior, with the acacia wood top known for its durability and attractive grain patterns and the concrete base adding an industrial and modern element. The combination creates a luxurious look that adds uniqueness to your living space. Showcase decorative accessories on the top surface, be it candles, small sculptures, or a stylish lamp or as a standalone piece, perfect for holding a cup of tea or any other functional use you may desire.

ceramic accent stool next to sofa

These versatile and always-on-trend accent stools are great as additional seating or side tables to provide an aesthetic touch to your living space. Beautiful as they are durable a long-lasting choice for indoors and outdoors as a unique piece to love and cherish for years to come. It looks great as a footrest in front of a chair but is also sturdy enough as a seat when needed. These high-quality enduring pieces of furniture would look great in a bedroom, office, or even the living room

ceramic accent stool

Accent Stool No.01

Ceramic Stool Bubble

Product Details: 

Material: ceramic | Dimensions: 47cm(h) x 33cm(d) |Free standing design |Sleek and simple | Intense Glaze | Suitable indoors | When using outdoors, avoid extreme temperatures. | Bubble Dot Motif | No assembly required

Place it next to your bedside for a stylish nightstand alternative, beside a sofa for a convenient surface, or as an exquisite addition to an end table in the living area. The versatility of this accent piece knows no bounds, adapting seamlessly to your evolving design preferences. With its glossy finish and intricate dot motif, the accent stool stands out as a fabulous addition to any interior.

accent ceramic stool

Accent Stool No.02

Ceramic Motif Stool

Product Details: 

Material: ceramic | Dimensions: 44cm(h) x 30cm(d) |Free standing design |Sleek and simple | Color; White | When using outdoors, avoid extreme temperatures. | Motif design | Use as a footstool/ side table

Create a contemporary look in your home with this ceramic stool crafted from ceramic and features striking pierced details and a motif. The crisp white decorative piece looks fabulous even as a side table or accent piece in any room. Both indoor and outdoor use add instant luxury to any setting. Double up as an end-of-bed seating or as bedside table, or style in the living room as extra seating.

A Stylish Occasional Table for Every Interior

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