Candles and Scents for gifting and the home

Updated: May 25, 2020

Why we love buying candles and scents for the home or as a gift?

It’s simple…candles makes great gifts for many occasions. Be it an anniversary gift, a housewarming present or a birthday gift, you can't go wrong with the gift of a candle or adding it to a gift basket.

Candles is one of my favourite items to be gifted and vice versa.

It's on top of the list of most appealing gifts, as most candles comes beautifully packaged. With all the new designs and scents out there, they are great for decorating your home or office. Let's not forget the ⓑⓞⓝⓤⓢ, as they fill the home with lovely aromas.

Pair with other gifts to make someone feel special (Make a bath and body pamper basket)

Add a candle with a box of speciality chocolates, a cute ceramic planter, or a manicure set.

A gift of a candle for someone in the workplace, your best friends morning yoga routine or for your mom's nightly bath time ritual, will not only compliment their space but can help boost the atmosphere they are in. Try scents of lavender to relax or mint for a calming vibe.

The benefits of candles

Candles has some great benefits when it comes to setting the mood and tone in the home.

Guaranteed to uplift anyone’s mood. When you need to unwind at the end of a long day, the relaxing scents of sandalwood can help you shake a bad mood and relax your mind.

Bring a relax feeling into your bedroom and light a gorgeous scent such as ylang ylang to put you in a relaxed mood. These aromas in the air will give you a more restful nights sleep ahead.

-Candle can set the mood

-Candles are perfect for any person or occasion.

-Everyone can find an affordable candle to give as the perfect gift

Happy Styling xoxox

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