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Designing A man Cave: DIY Tips

Man Cave ideas. Making him feel more at home....

A man cave is a  hangout area for men and boys in your home, dedicated to their hobbies and needs. It’s simply a chilled out space for him to gather his thoughts and relax.

Sometimes space in the home can be limited but there are so many ways to transform a space large or small area into a man cave. Like an unused guest room or a study that hardly gets used. 

I turned our garage into a man cave for my husband a few years ago. It was such a great idea and he loves it. I  I used many pieces of the furniture already in our home. Refurbishing an unused sofa, added frames with pictures I found on Pinterest Putting up a projector  and screen.

I repurposed an old workbench into a bar area and just added simple decor pieces. If you deciding on turning your garage into a man cave its important for you to, up your security measures. Use heavy duty locks on all the doors and make sure the garage is heavy and cannot be lifted manually.

So once you find an area to be used for that purpose, the next step would be the layout and decor plan to create a relaxed retreat for him.

So how would I furnish this space?

Create the space with him in mind... Firstly get a list of his like and dislikes.

Questions like his favourite sport or recreational game, can give you an idea fo his overall scheme regarding colours or decor pieces to pull the room together.

A man cave should not and I repeat not have pictures of the family or any real sentimental pieces unless he want that. Just keep it simple.  

Designing  a man cave can be easy with a few simple tricks

Adding pieces like a sofa, armchair, a low coffee table made from reclaimed wood, a surround sound system, few man rules signs, a big screen tv or a projector screen.

Let’s just say the bigger the tv the better. As we know, men love gadgets.  Add fun games like a pool table or table tennis  if the space can accommodate, and if not, simply add a dartboard or make use of board games or card games on the coffee table.

A fully stocked bar area or bar cart from reclaimed wood can add a great touch and make the room feel more manly.

There you have some basic ideas on how to bring together a look with a vision in mind and to add those personal touches to create the perfect man cave.

Happy Styling xoxo


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