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Declutter your bedroom? Check out my pro tips on how to get it done!!

Keeping your bedroom clutter-free is important, not only for your general well-being, but it will help by being in a more calming environment and it will also promotes better sleep.

So with a go to attitude and few easy tips to get you started you are well on your way to decluttering your bedroom.

Easy tips and tricks to declutter your bedroom
How to declutter-your-bedroom

I would recommend you start this decluttering process by getting a few boxes to help you make it easier to choose what to keep and what to get rid of. Make sure to add labels to them, as it will be easy to keep track on your journey of decluttering. Start by labelling,:

A recycle box

A trash box

A fix it box

A donate box

and a keep box

Making your bed should be the first step to your decluttering process. It will then be easier to focus on the rest of the bedroom.

Remove any old magazines and outdate creams, and unnecessary items from your bedside tables and try only keep items such as a bedside lamp and items you are using that you need close for your bedtime routine.

Next start by removing all items under your bed and make a trash box and keep box if needed for storing. It is important to remove any shoes and bags that you might have stored under your bed and pack them in their designated boxes.

Just remember, resist the urge to shove anything back!!

If you have a dresser table or shelving unit in the bedroom then tackle that next..

Go through each drawer or shelf and toss anything you haven’t used in more than six months. Be sure to check for clothing tags and other trash and remove all out of place grooming supplies the does not belong in the bedroom

The best way to decluttering is to either place the items that you want to keep in the drawers or donate or trash them immediately. Dont hold on to any items that you know you wont need, especially during the decluttering process

I hope these few tips helped you find the strength in starting or journey to decluttering your bedroom

Thats all from me guys, till next time

Happy Styling xoxo

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