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Entryway Decorating Ideas

When it comes to styling an entryway, there are a lot of decorative touches that can make it feel more welcoming. Whether it's a large or small area, formal or a modified mudroom, your entrance is the first thing you see when stepping inside your home. Create an instant wow factor for you (or guests) by putting together décor, rugs, furniture, and lighting to set the tone for the rest of the home.

Here is a chic list to get you started to create an inviting entryway:

Add a entry way table to your entrance

Photo Credit: Tina Witherspoon

Add An Entry Table

Centered with the front door or against an adjacent wall using a console table establishes an attractive focal point when entering. For an eye-catching display, spruce up the table with a floral arrangement, a couple of candlestick holders, your cherished photos, and your favourite greenery. For a small entry, a small-scaled table with storage drawers for your keys or mail does the trick. Or opt for a design with open shelves beneath, a great way to create extra storage with baskets.

Photo Credit: Nathan Oakley

Take A Seat

Whether it's a bench, stool, or chair, seating in the entryway is both a design statement and a functional piece of home decor. Keep it casual so it easily can be accessorized with plants or throw cushions that show off your style. From a narrow seating bench with cushioning for a pop of colour to a storage bench for an additional place to keep your day-to-day objects.

Photo Credit: SpaceJoy

Add Greenery

A trend that never goes out of style plants brings life into your entryway that instantly adds fresh, colorful, and stylish decorative elements to your entry. A tall, thin houseplant next to a console or a couple of potted plants on a shelf is a lovely thing to see as you walk in the door. Greenery often provides the finishing touch to most decor schemes. If you love the idea of plants and the entryway is low on natural light incorporating artificial plants still has a positive effect on eye view. From live versus faux plants, foliage can liven up space.

Bring In Texture With A Rug

With a few plants and a contrasting runner, you can instantly create magic. A rug with a striking design adds a practical and stylish addition for a comfy, cozy feeling on the hardwood flooring or tiles. Plus adds instant colour, texture, and pattern to your space.

And Not Forgetting The Walls

Photo Credit: SpaceJoy

Hang A Mirror

A statement mirror in the entrance gives the immediate feeling of light and openness to space and reflects light. A stellar first impression, hang the mirror over a console table or entry bench. More than just a place to check your look before coming and going, a wall mirror opens up your space, adds height, makes an area feel larger by bouncing off natural light. Position a mirror to catch the sunlight to make a room feel larger.

Display Artwork

A gallery wall display with a curated collection of framed art is perfect for personalizing a space instead of a wall mirror. Or an abstract art piece with a complimenting colour scheme that is cohesive to the rest of your home can create a lasting first impression.

Extra Storage

Having a clutter-free space helps set you in a positive mind frame as you enter and exit the house. Make use of a wall area for storage if floor space is limited. Consider wall hooks or shelving as a easy solution. A coat rack, wall-mounted shelves, or a decorative set of wall hooks for storing coats, bags, umbrellas are perfect examples to hold extra storage.

Sometimes, all a space needs are a few necessary decorative items for a seamless look. I hope these tips help you style your entryway.

Happy Styling


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