Entryway decorating ideas

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Decorate your entrance

Have a entryway... Furnish your entry way to set the tone for the rest of your home.

Create an eye-catching wall display or oversized plants will instantly engage visitors when entering.

Heres a easy shopping list for your entryway basics

-A narrow table or bench

-A mirror or artwork

-Wall hooks

-A runner


Entry table- Add a narrow bench in this space. It will keep the area from feeling smaller. Finding a piece that has additional storage like drawers or shelves can be useful to keep your keys and mail.


Add a bench with pop of colour would be a eye catching when entering. Consider finding a bench that can be used as an entry table and sitting bench with additional storage or to keep shoes and other objects.


Hang a mirror over your table or bench. A mirror adds height and allows you to give yourself a check when you’re coming and going. Position a mirror to catch the light as this will make the space feel larger in small spaces.


I love artwork. So If you decide on an art piece instead of a mirror

add an abstract art piece with colours that you have designed in the rest of your home decor

Wall hooks-

Add a wall rack or a display of wall hooks in your entryway.

You can place items like hats and umbrellas or your guests coats.


A rug or runner can be the easiest way to add character to your home. They create a comfy, cozy feeling on hardwood flooring and instantly add colour and pattern to your space.

Large Plants- Instantly add a fresh, colourful and also a stylish decorative element to your entry.

I hope these tips help you style your entryway

Happy Styling xoxo

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