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Decorating with Pampas Grass

With their long and slender stems and attention-grabbing effect, I was instantly obsessed. Not knowing how I used to be getting to find them or maybe what they were called, I knew from that moment I might search endlessly to get my hands on these feathery plumes. Finally... I found the most amazing floral stylist Durban based that stocked pampas grass, dried arrangements, grasses, and foliage. I was finally on my journey to purchasing these beauties for our store.

Pampas grass

Let me just say, decorating with pampas grass is fantabulous. They are super fluffy, and can last for several years. This is one of my favourite and newly obsessed decor must-have items.

If you are keen on having vases of flowers in your home, then pampas grass makes the perfect arrangement. Plop them in a large floor vase or against a wall in an empty corner. It adds just enough texture. These feathery plumes add a moment airy feel that creates a statement in any space.

Added bonus: Pampas grass is eternal. They are low on maintenance and still flourishes even when neglected!! So perfect for those like me who doesn’t have a green thumb!!

Pampas grass reeds are dried, they do simple require no water. A quick trick is to lightly spritz them with a light-hold hair spray to take care of them. This will help any loose strands and keep the shedding cornered. Spray every few months to assist and maintain fullness.

View some of my favourite dried arrangements, grasses and foliage to add to your current decor lineup. Shop In-Store:

Wheat Floral Arrangement R350

Add this wheat-like floral to any vase and create a striking display.

Bunny Tails Small Bunch R180

Small Bunch On Right -

These little powder puffs boast thin bendable foliage, making them perfect for any floral bouquet.

Bunny Tails Large Bunch R350

You will love this whimsical bunny tails bunch. These little powder puffs boast thin bendable foliage, making them perfect for delicate floral wildflower bouquets.

natural colour

Pampas Grass Bunch R340

These 1 metre tall pampas grass stems will not only add height but will bring a smile to your face every day.

Natural colour

More Care Instructions:

Some extra TLC will keep your everlasting look its best for as long as possible.

Top Tips:

  • Keep dried flowers indoors and out of direct sunlight, as this makes the flowers brittle.

  • Avoid room with high humidity. This could cause them to turn limp or get mouldy.

  • Fluff the arrangement by using a hairdryer on no heat and low setting.

  • Dust them gently, if you must.

  • Avoid long term exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity which causes dried flowers to decay fast.

As flowers are a real and natural product, some variants may occur to the reference images used on this website.

Happy Styling xoxo


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