Decorating Your Home By Seasonal Decor

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Seasonal decorating is changing your homes interiors colour scheme. An easy way to keep your home looking fresh and in season is in summer and spring try lighter shades and in autumn and winter decorate with darker shades.

Accessories like duvets, throw pillows and accessories is a easy and affordable.

Ways to update your home from season to season..

Changing out your room by season:

For spring and summer add brighter colours to your space like yellow and soft blue greens Change your throw pillows and rugs to lighter pastel shades to create an instant soothing feeling. Add lighter fabrics like bed linens you room to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Spruce up your window treatments by hanging floral patterns or a light shade to let in the natural light. By adding decorative objects like candles and table lamps in shades of white or pastels will add an instant pick me up feeling in your space.

Bring in the hues from nature like greens and light blues to create a tranquil environment.

Because we have much more light in the summer you should change your rooms layout as to block the light from areas that you don't want the natural sunlight. For example moving your tv away from the sunlight in the summer days.

Help save your flooring from wear and traffic patterns by moving your furniture around during seasons it will extend its lifespan.

For autumn and winter change your colour scheme to a warmer colour palette. Think Reds, browns and dark blues to give the room that cosy feeling. Decorative objects in brass or copper is a great way to warmth to your rooms decor.

Drape throw blankets and quilts over chairs, or couches. Add bed linens and throw pillows in darker shades and textures to your rooms decor.

Because in winter the days are shorter you might want to add more table and floor lamps to the space to add extra lighting when needed. Rearranging your furniture around your fireplace if you have one is a great way to cuddle up around the fire in the winter days.

Tips: Carry the change of season look throughout the home by changing the towels, bed

linen and flower arrangement throughout the home. If you change your decor according to season store your items in a place to easily reach them. Store your off season items in storage bins and label them accordingly

Happy Styling xoxo

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