Essential guide to Designing your living room

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

When arranging your living room, its important to ask yourself these questions.  How will people enter and exit? How do I navigate this space? Is there enough seating and will we be able to move around with ease?


Design the perfect living room

When deciding on arranging your living room its important that you follow these steps as they guide you to giving your living room the complete look. To start arranging your living room you should: 

1. Create a floorplan as this will help you by choosing the correct sizes in furnishings you to make the room feel balanced and in proportion

2.  Find your focal point of your room could be a fireplace, piece of artwork or Tv unit. By placing your furnishings around this point in your room will draw attention to this feature and this would be the main focus in the room. If you struggling to find one, create your own, let your coffee table serve as your focal point.

3. Scale using your decor in a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes balances each other out. This will instantly create a sense of proportion, interest and drama. If everything is the same size, nothing will stand out.

4. Symmetry- By placing your sofas, arms chairs and side tables on opposing sides of each other creates a well balanced living room that appears both organised and comfortable. 5. Contrast- A great way to achieve this in design is by choosing one shade for the walls and the other shades is used in textiles, accessories and furnishings.

I hope these tips on arranging your living room helped you.. Check back with Woodka Interiors for more tips on home decor.

Happy Styling xoxo

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