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Easy Ways to Lay out Your Living Room Design Ideas

Our living rooms sometime or most of the time doubles as a dining room, a home office or even a playroom for the kids. A space were we entertain our friends and family and relax reading or watching tv.

To get the best layout for your living room take time to consider what you want most out of the space and how you will make use of the space

Its best to arrange the area with all the necessary considerations as it can easily be conveyed if you know how you’ll spend your time there.

I wanted to take on the challenge and designed a one room structure but with 3 different living room layout design styles while focusing on specific requirements in each space :

In each layout I have considered area zoning, tv placement, foot traffic, and storage solution

Easy way to decorate your living room design ideas

Easy Going Minimalist

I chose a L-shaped sectional, that is placed in the centre of the room as it provides lots of seating with easy traffic flow. The tv is placed on a media unit on the opposite side along with a small seating area .

Easy floor plan decorating tips for your  living are


Considered to be the formal layout design for a living area. I placed two sofas facing each other, two ottomans side by side in front of fireplace as it can also be used as a foot stool and a coffee table. A tv is placed over the mantle for easy viewing. On the other side i placed two matching chairs to offer a different seating option.

Formal living room floor plan. Easy way to decorate your living room with a detailed floor plan

Dividing the spaces with the sofa centred in the living area facing the Tv unit. The rug, only under the living area furthermore separates the areas. The other half is designed for a easy going play area, storage unit and optional office space for work. This space creates a balance between comfy and style.

Happy Styling


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