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Still Cant Find The Right Interior Designer For You...

Well here is some basic tips to follow if you have found a interior designer but you not sure or if you just need some advice on what to look out for when using one for the first time.

Find your style first

Knowing your personal style should be the first step before finding a designer. That will help you narrow down your search when finding or considering the right interior designer to hire for the job. Many designers have their own signature style, but they should be able to adapt to your preferences.

Tip:  Also determine your budget before meeting with a designer.

Making sure they a good fit 

When meeting with a designer let them understand your design dilemmas, and find out how they will create a solution to get to the end result.  Its all about refining the different style options and finding the most appropriate solution to suit your personal style and if theirs fit with yours.  A good interior designer will balance this out with all the necessary details. Your Personalities should be a good fit to add to the success of your project.

Tip: If you don't connect with your designer its time to move on!!

Have an open mind and ask questions

Achieving a personal space that is perfect for you is why an interior designer should encourage you to ask questions and to be open minded about your design choices. Even if your styles are about the same, you may not click when it comes to certain details. So compromise and use the designer’s suggestions when it comes to their design choices. After all its their profession.

Tip: Communication is Key

Hope these tips help you find your designer partner!!..

As an interior designer we ensure the heart of the home is open and social, the spaces are functional and had adequate storage and the home is easy to live in, by balancing out the space.”

Happy Styling xoxo

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