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Moving into your new home

Moving into you new home- Congratulations. We all know moving into a new comes with excitement for a new fresh start and oh yes, stressful days ahead, because we don't know where to begin. But to help you get your new home organised, I included a few tips to help you getting started.

First things first:

Before making the big move be sure to pack moving essential boxes. Get everyone in your home to pack a box of items they will need right away and when you get to your new home you should unpack those first. This will make your first few nights a little easier. like your toiletries, medications, cleaning supplies or as in my case the kettle and teabags.

moving into a new home ideas

Tip: Make sure you have this boxes with you as it will be easier to have them on hand when moving in.If you have kids pack some toys in a box that they can play while you unpacking, this will keep them entertained while you are getting lost in organising of stuff!!

Security purposes- Make sure to book a locksmith to change the locks for your new home as then you will be sure that only you have access. 

Planning ahead 

Take off extra days to unpack and organise. And for those of you that cant take a few days off set yourself a schedule. Don’t rush in and start unpacking every box.  Make use of labelling your boxes when packing this will make it easier to allocate them to there designated rooms before you get a head start on unpacking. 

You can also mark boxes with instructions as  "open first" for items in the kitchen or your bedding and linens that you'll need right away.

When moving into your house, you’ll have to decide which rooms to start unpacking immediately:

Unpack room by room

Best tip is start with the kitchen first. The sooner the kitchen is ready to be used  you’ll be able to cook or find all your utensils when dinner time comes. Then you can move on to the bedrooms and then the bigger areas like the the living area.

Let me know if these tips helped you on your way to stress free unpacking

Happy Styling xoxo

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