Online Interior Design Service And How It Benefits You!!

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Haven’t had the pleasure of working with a interior designer online, now is a great time to try. Its faster, more convenient and easier to work with an online interior designer as there is no need to schedule a face-to-face meeting when your day to day is already booked up. Another bonus is you will be able to chat to your designer completely online whilst still relaxing on your sofa in your pjs. And lets not forget its very affordable.

Lets take a look:

Yes DIYers also need professional help

Are you one of those people that walks into a store and buys a piece of furniture without considering the size. And it finally arrives and its to big for your area. This be a very costly purchase. With our online design process we take into consideration even to the smallest of details like size and scale when it comes to designing your room. That means you will get the perfect fit every time.

Its faster and convenient

You just moved into a new home and your sofa just doesn’t do it for you in that corner, or your of town guests are coming earlier then planned and your guest room needs a quick update. With Woodka interiors online design platform you will have a brand new space in no time.

Design dilemma

Just want a furniture layout or you cant figure out what colours work best together. Thats perfect too…With online interior design we can help you with the smallest design problem. We here to help you design your space, to the solution

Affordable prices

Our designer fees are a fraction of what you would pay for in-house interior designers that charge by the hour. Isn’t that great, you still get the designer style home but in a reasonable budget.

You see your new room before:

Regretting that furniture purchase? we have all been there.

Heres a bonus feature!! With our photorealistic 3D room rendering, you will be able to see how your room will look before any purchase. Money saving, no time wasting and super fun….

So why not try our online interior design service today. Get started with Woodka interiors for your online room design today!!

Happy Styling xoxo

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