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How to decorate your bedroom

Quick and easy tips to design your room

Easy tips to Design your bedroom

When decorating your bedroom, think outside the box, try avoiding the matching look. Start decorating your space by choosing a style and colour choices. This will help you select furniture and decor pieces.

Top your bed with comfy covers, a soft throw and pillows for extra comfort so long as your colours co-ordinate you can let loose with textures, styles and patterns. So dont be afraid to add those layers.  Its  simply an easy way to making your bedding look and feel luxurious

Adding new pillows and throws seasonally, will instantly update your bedroom and transform the look and feel of your room each time and also its a cost effective way to making your room feel and look fresh each time.

Mix and match the expensive with in-expensive items It will transform your bedroom into a unique and luxurious retreat.

Adding Accessories is a easy way to mix things up

Try swapping your bedside lamps or artwork with existing ones from other  rooms? This is a great way to spruce up all your areas in your home and great for your budget. Adding a seating area in a bedroom can definitely make it more cosy.  A comfy arm chair or two if your bedroom is large enough and if its smaller consider a bench at the foot end of the bed.  Or why not opt for storage seating , a convenient way to store  your out of season items.

Remember, as much  your bedroom  it is a place to sleep.  It is also a place to relax or read your favourite book at the end of a long day.

Liesel's  Tip:  Your bedroom should always express your personality. So add those candles and photos of your loved ones on your bedside table. 

P.s Lets not forget flowers, Its a definite must, as you will wake up so much happier, trust me....

Happy Styling xoxo

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