How to keep your design budget

A clear budget is essential for your interior decorating projects because it will cover the overall scope of the entire project. So without a budget you will run into some major problems either out of money to finish or you simply cannot afford to purchase  all the furnishings you would like in your overall design scheme.

Thats why its important to have a budget in mind.. so that you do not spend on items that you might not need or now you have to settle for the sofa in the sale section.

Hopefully with a few easy trips and tricks it could help you either save a few bucks on more accessories or stick to keeping you in your budget. 

A simple budget plan is taking into account your values and priorities for the project

Take a few minutes in each area of the home and really decide where you would like to start your design project to create a realistic budget:

Ask yourself and write down:

What room will you take on first- eg: (Is it the living area or the bedroom)

How much should i spend on this room while leaving money to design the rest of the rooms? 

What will i get out of designing this area first -eg: (will it be functional, will it add more seating space. will i it give us more family time.) 

Once you decided on the room you would like to start with decide on what 5 items in each category you would like to include in this project:

Furnishings- will it be that L shape sofa or a four poster bed.

Window treatment - should I opt for  curtains or custom blinds.

Wall- need to paint and add wall art.

Flooring - do I want new floorings or do I just need a stylish rug. 

Lighting - wall scones or floor lamps or neither

Now allocate the value of what you would be willing to spend on each item. If you don't like the idea of spending thousands on a custom made bed why not consider buying a headboard and attach that to the wall. Its much more cost effective and will definitely put more money back into your budget.

If you still stuck in a rut on how much to spend on each item  think of what your priorities are for the space.  

With that said i hope I helped you in working within your budget and if you would like some more advice don't hesitate to email me here.

Happy Styling

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