Shopping for a dining table? Get a trendy updated dining table for your home

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Shopping for a dining table can seem like an easy task. But sometimes it may not be as easy as you think. Like taking into consideration the style of the table, the size it should be, the function and purpose of the dining table and not to mention how it should fit in the rest of your homes overall design scheme.

Its easy to be overwhelmed by all the different choices.

So a great tip is to take your time to find the correct table to satisfy your needs and your home, as we all know it can be an expensive investment. The correct size of the dining table is also an important factor to remember, as seating options to accommodate as many people when you hosting a gathering for special occasions or dinner time. Its best to settle on a shape that will work in your space.

Here is a few suggestions for choosing a table that is made to last.

The Glass Dining Table

1.The Glass Top

Made with tempered safety glass, these tables is considered to be tough, it is also heat resistant and wont scratch or shatter. The glass table, thanks to the reflective surface will make any room feel larger and more airy.

Hardwood Dinner table

2. Hardwood

Hardwood tables can add a classic edge to your homes decor. This would be a great investment as hardwood tables are made to last for years to come. Choosing a table made from hardwood for the likes of oak, walnut, maple, mahogany or teak is a great choice to consider.

The Weathered Look

3.The Weathered Look Table

The weathered look is usually a great focal point for any farmhouse or industrial styled homes. It adds worth to a home with that rustic appeal. It gives off that lived in look in any dining area. Added scratches or nicks will just add more detailed features to the table

The Round Table

4. The Round Table

As a fan of the Round table I feel it makes the most out of small compact spaces, also offering that flexible seating solution. Invest in a six or eight seater as its very accommodating.

choosing table of different colour

5. Thinking of a table of colour? ( Green, blue, etc) In this instance you should choose your colour wisely. Adding a table of this choice to your home, opting for the primary colours of red, yellow and blue as they rarely go out of style. Or opt for a black to add sophistication and elegance to your dining area

The Country Dining Table

6. The Country Table

Think french colonial or the rustic appeal of the english country farmhouse. Usually a large table that is suitable for large family gatherings. Made from solid timber oak , many of these tables have the appeal of the turned legs.

If you considering the country table, you surely cant go wrong here.

If you still feel that you haven’t found the right dining area for your space or you need some free interior design advice? Im always ready to help, in the meantime......

Happy Styling


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