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The Perfect Vase for Your Blooms

Create an impressive and personalise look and bring your space to life with vases that are stylish and functional. Decorative vases come in a vast array of shapes, colours, and sizes. A display of flowers in a large vase is the perfect way to refresh a living space. Even when your favourite blooms go out of season, a show-stopping vase is a statement piece on its own. A vase filled with a fresh floral or even a lifelike faux arrangement can beautify a whole room.

Decorating With Vases and Vessels

Showcase your flowers in a statement ceramic vase molded into a unique, organic shape that is modern, elegant, and versatile as a beautiful eye-catcher. From tall and thin to curvy or chunky, use different forms to add extra variety to your blossoms on display.

A glass vase makes an excellent table decoration puts an entire floral arrangement on display.

Whether made of glass, ceramic, or metal, vases are an eye-catcher and

add a sculptural accent to a console or side table. Choose from different shapes to add extra variety to your flowers on display.

If you have several small vases, create still life on an end table for a fresh organic appeal. Displayed as a set or individually, a vase can transform an empty corner and make your greenery stand out.

Find the perfect vase for your blooms- Shop the look:

Best vases to display in your home
  1. Three Glass on Wooden Stand R349

  2. Coral Scalloped Vase R529

  3. Vase with Sponge Design R229

  4. Amber Vase R199

  5. Ceramic Face Vase R385

  6. Recycled Glass Vase R599

A vase is an accessory that adds personality to entry tables, side tables, accent tables, and bookshelves. It will even look good as a stand-alone piece, so don’t be afraid to go bare. The right vase can bring a dash of natural beauty, a bold statement, and refresh a space anywhere in the home.

The Perfect Fit For Your Blossoms

  • Large floor vases are perfect for long-stemmed flowers, dried branches, pampas stems.

  • Bulbous vases are a great choice for flowers that need a lot of water

  • Place individual flowers in a small cube, bud, or bottle vase.

  • Taller stems like orchids and roses pair nicely with cylinder vases in a timeless shape and varied sizes.

Vases are one of the most standard decorative items for every home so incorporate vases into your decorating style.

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