The Perfect Vase for Your blooms

Create an impressive look and personalise your space with vases that are both stylish and functional. Decorative vases come in a vast array of shapes, colours and sizes. A display of flowers in a large vase is the perfect way to refresh a living space. Even when your favourite blooms go out of season, a show-stopping vase is a statement piece on its own. Vases can be filled with almost anything, so get creative.

If you have several small vases, create a still life on an end table for a fresh organic appeal.

A vase is an accessory that adds personality to entry tables, side tables, accent tables and bookshelves. It will even look good as a stand alone piece, so don’t be afraid to go bare.

The right vase can bring a dash of natural beauty, a bold statement and refresh a living space anywhere in the home.

Find the perfect vase for your blooms- Shop the look:

  1. Three Glass on Wooden Stand R349

  2. Coral Scalloped Vase R529

  3. Vase with Sponge Design R229

  4. Amber Vase R199

  5. Ceramic Face Vase R379

  6. Recycled Glass Vase R599

Incorporate Vases into Your Decorating Style

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