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The Ultimate Pet Beds for Your Dogs

How many of us have bought what we thought would be a great cushy, cute dog bed? Then only to find it torn apart and the living room filled with stuffing in no time. Or what about the dog beds that don't fit into the washing machine, and eventually start looking like a big fur ball that ends up not smelling to great either..

That's why Mills Co. designs dog beds that is both functional for your best friend and adds a beautiful addition to the home's decor.

These beds hold there shape, giving your pet comfort and support. Mills Co. pet basket beds is made with a metal frame, woven in wicker. It stands up to the occasional chewing and accidents your fur baby may have. It's easy to clean. Just take it outside and wipe down with a warm damp cloth and sunlight liquid.

Mills Co. dog beds comes in many shapes, colours and sizes.

The cushion covers come in a variety of colours and textures for winter and summer and are removable and machine washable. BONUS they also water resistant.

The corduroy covers are warm and great for those fluffy fur babies who shed a lot. Simply shake them out.

About the The Mills Co.

Mills Co. is all about the animals. All the proceeds from their products sold goes toward building the R.C. Mills Rehabilitation and Veterinary Clinic. The Clinic will provide much needed low cost and in some cases free medical and rehabilitation services to animal welfare organisations, shelters and low income communities.

We hope you and your furry best friend loves the basket bed and welcome your feedback.

Happy Styling xoxo

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