Unique Ceramics to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your Space with Ceramics

Im a definite lover of all handmade ceramic items. They on top of the list when it comes to decorating the home. Be it quirky, fun or sophisticated, they add a personal and curated feeling, a sense of homeyness to one's space.

I rounded up a few of my personal favourites for the home:

The Ceramic Platter

So pretty, right? These platters will add a natural feeling to your table setting.

These beauties are finished in a neutral glaze, making it ideal for your table and they are large enough to use as a serving tray.

Being so simple, with a striking design, makes these platters the appropriate piece for any occasion.

Shop The Nebulae Platter

The Quirky Planter

Adding greenery and unique pieces

might be what you are missing in your space.

Place these little cuties in any area of the home. A great addition to your kitchen windowsill, office desk or bookshelf.

Shop this quirky planter

Ceramic Vases

Sculptural shaped vases are eye-catching, with or without stems.

Ceramics are one of the most popular decor pieces used in the home.

It can double up as a great housewarming gift, as everyone loves vases. So be sure to add one of these cuties to your prezzie selection!!

Shop this sculptural vase

Time to Elevate your Everyday Flowers.!!

and make a statement with leafy flower arrangements and tall big branches. Decorative branches are easy and affordable to swap out from time to time, as they will last much longer than the ordinary floral arrangements.

Eucalyptus is one of my favourites, as they are super long lasting and so easy to find.

Just pop them into a big jar or ceramic vase.

So what you waiting for.....

Happy arranging xoxo

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