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Why you should add multi-functional decor to your home

Investing in multi-functional furniture is a great alternative if you have limited floor space in your home. Or they area great functional pieces to add to your homes interiors

Invest in


I love using ottomans in any area of the home. It is really the multi-tasker of furniture. Ottomans can serve as a footstool a seat, or even side table. Most ottomans come with storage space, so its great to store those pillows and throws when you don’t need them.They also come in various shapes and different colours and fabrics.

Crates or trunks

Thinking about using a crate or trunk as a coffee table, this serves as a great decor pieces but also doubles up as extra storage space where you can hide any clutter like your books, games, and tv remotes.

Nesting Tables

These table are super compact.

Easy to use just pull them out and overlap them to use as coffee table or use them as side tables throughout your home and they can be easily stacked together when not in use.

Chairs as ladders

A chair and a ladder, no ways. Yes these are amazing and super functional to use. It can be used a bookshelf a chair or shelving.

Sectional or adaptable couches

Consider getting a sectional sofa Its worth the investment. It is literally two pieces of furniture in one. Just pull them apart and viola you can change the look and feeling your room instantly.

Bed base with drawers

Great for small bedroom with limited floor space

A bed with storage is worth the investment as you can

use the base to store you out of season clothing, books, blankets, etc.

There is so many more multi-functional furniture out there. If you have a small space or you don't like to much clutter these are great alternatives to add to your home.

Happy Styling xoxox


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