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Candle Collection By Woodka Interiors

With the launch of our most recent candle collection from Woodka Interiors, we wanted to develop a candle range with sophisticated scents in a unique design that can set or change the ambience in your home. Our candles are hand blended and hand poured encased in amber glass vessels with decorative pinewood or black lids and packaged in signature cotton bags.

The aroma is timeless and features notes of peony, lily, amber and musk. A soft floral fragrance described around our store as that of a snug comfy welcoming feeling. Our scented candles not only create an inviting atmosphere but are also chic style statements wherever placed. It captures the essence of charm when lit.

Namaste candle that captures the essence of charm when lit

Namaste Candle- "I bow to the place in you, that is love, light and joy."

Enjoyed to be burned year-round and evokes a calming feeling and not to mention, adds a striking part of your decor. This is the ultimate home accessory.

  • Presented in a beautiful signature cotton gift bag

Smile Candle perfect for any table, shelf or office desk

Smile Candle- Because it lights up my life.

The scent that plays a powerful role in emotion and mood, that makes you smile. Evoke the feelings in you with this candle that is ideal for any table, shelf or office desk.

  • Presented in a beautiful signature cotton gift bag

Birthday Cake Candle the perfect birthday gift

Birthday Cake Candle- No Calories. Just the p̶r̶e̶scent"

Just the Makings of the perfect gift for any one. It will fill your home with delicious fragrance.

  • Presented in a beautiful signature cotton gift bag

Our Development Process

We source only the best materials to make you the best candles. Each candle is handcrafted using a soy-wax blend and the wax making is of the highest quality, which helps bond the fragrance to the melted wax during the process. Individually hand poured and with a soothing fragrance, each element of the candle process is carefully considered, from the finest fragrance notes, the colours to the packaging.

Illuminate your home all year round and refresh any room with our home scents available. Our range of home fragrances adds an air of luxury to your space. They are a timeless gift option to give anyone. Guaranteed to uplift anyone’s home.

Happy Styling xo

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