These multi-purpose table baskets are available in three sizes. The extra large basket to add a touch of natural texture to your table or side board. Our set of three basket bowls combo is perfect for that decor piece in any room.

Set of 3 Weaved Basket Bowls

    • Set of 3 bowl baskets 
    • The three sizes fit together as nesting baskets.
    • Dimensions
    • Small:26cm(L)x22cm(w)x9cm(h)
    • Medium:28cm(L) x 25cm(w) x12cm(h)
    • Large:41cm(L)x29cm(w)x14cm(h)
    • Colour: Brown
    • Type: Basket 
    • Material: Weave
    • If the product does need to be washed, please hand wash gently with cold water and ensure that it dries evenly and as fast as possible.
    • Extra weight may cause the baskets to sag. If the baskets do start sagging or folding at the bottom, shake the basket out to its original shape and place something inside the basket to push out the folds and maintain the original shape. Items such as towels, blankets or even scatter cushions work well.