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Table Lamps, Side Table Lamps

Table lighting in a space has the dual benefits of adding warmth and style while defining and accentuating the area. Find the ideal bedroom lamps to provide ambient lighting that illuminates your space and stunning side table lamps that creating a cozy atmosphere in the living room.

More for your home 

mirror 400x400px.jpg

Define and highlight the entryway, living area and bathroom using mirrors in the home.

Floor rug in entryway of a home

Enhance the overall ambiance, provide a defined focal point, with our rugs and runners.

The perfect table lamps that match your aesthetic and needs

Illuminate your entryway by adorning your contemporary console table or sideboard with a front room table lamp. This not only adds a welcoming glow for your guests but also highlights your entryway accents, such as a textured area rug, wall mirror, or shelving display items.


For a touch of personality, opt for a table lamp with a textured or patterned base, or go bold with a vibrant color. If you prefer a timeless and classic look, consider a table lamp with simple shapes, gentle curves, and a sturdy linen shade paired with a ceramic base. Explore our table lights to elegantly set your home's ambiance with the perfect lighting element.

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