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Create the Illusion of Space

Whether in your entryway, the bedroom, above your powder room vanity, or above end tables, a mirror adds dimension, depth, and glamour to the room. Mirrors can brighten and visually expand the size of a room while adding light and style to your home. Enhance the beauty with a clean-lined reflection to give the feeling of even more depth in any area. Ideal for reflecting natural and artificial light, mirrors help brighten and bring a modern simplicity to any room. 


Find the perfect mirror for your home.

A wall mirror can also add a decorative touch to your room, making an ideal focal point for your space. In an array of shapes and styles, you can enjoy the advantages of a mirror and still express your style and taste. Round mirrors for a softer look add light and airiness to small spaces making the room feel twice as spacious. Oversized floor mirrors make a bold statement and maximize the effect when placing your mirror opposite a bright window to double the light in your room. Square mirrors or rectangle mirrors highlight your home’s architectural features. With various finishes, shapes, and frames available, our mirrors can fit in with any décor space or inject a bold new accent colour into your design. From dainty-looking glass to full-length mirrors for your bedroom, we offer plenty of wall mirrors that come ready to mount. 


Pick out from our selection of mirrors to beautify and improve your entire home to match your existing decor for bathrooms, living areas, or bedrooms. Choose a high-grade locally sourced Woodka Interiors mirror from our collection.

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