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5 Cosy Throws Blankets to get you through the Winter

These year-round accessories are timeless, incredible soft, warm and oh so cozy. Every home could benefit from a throw or two. As throws are stylish, they also add texture into a space and versatile in any room. In addition for being warm and cuddly, they can also be a trendy decor accent for your bedroom or living area. Lets cuddle up in comfort this season (when you need to grab an extra layer) with this top picks. They will be sure to add depth and texture to the space.

This Autumn Cotton Throw is perfect for adding warmth and style to any setting. A gentle leaf design in a soft brushed cobblestone/white colour will add a warming layer to your bed or sofa.

The Cobblestone Throw These chic cotton throws dresses up your space in a cozy elegance while complementing a variety of decor styles. For the perfect finishing touch and a gorgeous accent piece, get the cobblestone throw with tassels for an attractive look and complete comfort.

These Siberia furs makes a divine addition to any home. Welcome winter by getting your inner sanctuary ready with warm rich textures and cozy spots to snuggle up in. These real-feel faux-fur throws are made of 100% polyester, and have a minky (soft, fuzzy) backing and a plush texture.

Add an extra layer of warmth and comfort to your sofa with this Brushstrokes Cotton Throw. This textured throw is adorned with a gentle brushed stroke finish. Create a peaceful, cozy mood in your bedroom and let the artisan made piece reflect your personal style.

This Nugget Gold Throw has been finished with long fringes. Available in a range of hues, this soft throw will blend in seamlessly with any interior style.

It doesn’t get comfier, more stylish or warmer than this. Choose a style or colour that is right for you- and you won't regret it!!


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