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Coffee Table Styling Ideas

coffee table with candles and vase

We all know the style anchor in the living room is the coffee table. It's where your style can come to life to display your personality. And when planning to style your coffee table, it's best not to overthink it. Decorating is the best part. Sometimes, a simple vase and a few well-placed accessories are all you need to style your coffee table.

One of my absolute favorite home updates is decorating our family room coffee table seasonally. I always use a large tray, objects like a small bowl or figurine that reflects my interest, decorative candles, lush greenery, and a selection of books. Adding small decorative items like candles, nesting bowls, and a small flower vase can easily create a table canvas that speaks volumes. When in doubt, a minimalist approach with a small curated collection of coffee table books or a couple of magazines without any extra décor can spruce up your coffee table.

7 Coffee Styling Tips and Ideas

From striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetics to infusing your unique personality into the arrangement, these tips will help you transform your coffee table into a work of art that truly reflects your home's character.

Start With A Focal Point

tray with vase on styled coffee table

With table decoration, let the focal pieces tell a story about your passions and memories. Style it by carefully arranging your favorite décor items that resonate with your style to allow your eye to naturally flow, as sometimes we thoughtlessly display objects that result in a cluttered or disorganized surface. It shouldn't be a put-everything-on-the-surface situation, as there are endless ways to create a nice visual flow with a collection of a few beloved pieces.

Start with a large vase, jar, or sculptural object that will stand out the most on the table and break up sections using a tray to hold everything and create height by stacking books. Incorporate mirrored or metallic elements like a mirrored tray or metallic decorative bowls. They can create interesting visual effects and play with light in your living area. This approach encourages you to make unique selections that mirror your individuality and interests.

Draws The Eye And Create Curiosity

Let your coffee table be a display for your most treasured collections to draw the eye in and create interest. Here are some simple coffee table decorative accessories to consider:

coffee table decor accessories


Select Statement Pieces

Instead of cluttering your table with numerous decorative objects, use three statement pieces that capture your style. It could be a delicate figurine with a decorative piece of art and a unique heirloom of sentimental value. 


Bring Nature Indoors

Incorporate natural elements such as a small potted plant or a vase with fresh flowers to add a touch of elegance while connecting your space to the beauty of the outdoors.


Books with Purpose

Place a carefully chosen coffee table book of your interests or passions. It could be a favorite novel, a book of poetry, or even a travel guide to a place you dream of visiting.


Personalized Touches

Add personal touches that tell your story, a framed photograph, a handwritten letter, or a memento from a meaningful journey. These items can serve as conversation starters when guests visit.


Trays for Organization:

 If you have small items like remote controls or coasters that you need on your coffee table, use a minimalist tray to keep them neatly organized. 


Candlelight Ambiance

A simple, unscented candle in a sleek holder can add a cozy ambiance to your living space. Choose a color or design that complements your overall decor.


Artful Simplicity

Consider incorporating minimalistic, functional artistic accents like a geometric sculpture or a well-designed clock. 

Connect your pieces with textures, shapes, colors, style, or a combination of these to balance each other. Vary the height and scale of your coffee table styling to bring depth to your living room by hand-picking a few meaningful items while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look to let your coffee table be the statement while inviting conversations and connections with those who share your space.

Quick Tip: Let your coffee table be a display for your most treasured collections.

A Little Greenery For Table Styling Goes A Long Way!

table styling essentials

Botanical choices excel at anchoring coffee table styling. Whether it's a small, easy-to-care-for plant that finds the perfect spot on the coffee table or a large coffee table with concrete potted succulents or branches like eucalyptus or olive to elevate your coffee table décor. If you're not much of a green thumb, opt for lifelike faux alternatives that can be equally captivating. Artificial flowers and plants can be just as appealing, offering year-round freshness without any fuss, making them a hassle-free method to infuse vitality into your living space.

But don't stop at greenery alone; bring in some additional décor to style a coffee table:

More Coffee Table Decor Essentials

  • Storage boxes

  • World Globe

  • Set of Coasters

  • Diffusers

  • Vintage Hourglass

  • Sculptural Bowl

  • Antique Compass

  • Large Terrarium

  • Miniature Succulents

  • Noughts and Crosses

  • Vintage Teacups

Achieve an air of sophistication with a carefully arranged coffee table collection with a hint of whimsy and nostalgia for a retro-inspired tabletop that sparks curiosity and conversations.

Add The Simple Element Of A Tray!

Coffee table styling ideas with a tray

Trays stylishly organize a tabletop while offering practicality and super chic aesthetics. Using trays to showcase your favorite small finds perfectly embodies the fusion of form and function. Trays hold anything and everything, making them ideal for keeping all your essentials (remotes, coasters, small keepsakes) organized, giving your surface a dynamic feel. Trays are great additions to add more dimension and reduce clutter on the surface of the coffee table. Embrace the idea that your coffee table can be a work of art and anything placed upon it becomes a delightful addition.

For Shape and Dimension- Use decorative trinket trays or place a sculptural bowl on your table, either empty or filled. Incorporate a miniature Zen garden complete with raked sand and smooth stones.

For height -Showcase a stack of colorful, beautiful hardcover books or a sleek large terrarium housing miniature succulents.

For Texture -Adorn your table with a cluster of scented candles in mismatched artisan designs and colors and introduce metallic accents like brass coasters or copper-finished decorative objects.

Quick Takeaway:

Consider shape, height, texture, and dimension when pulling the design together. Alternate pieces out seasonally to keep your look fresh, up-to-date, and inspiring! By actively curating your coffee table accessories and periodically refreshing them, you'll keep your living space engaging and infuse it with the charm of each season.

Bring In Coastal Elements To Your Coffee Table


Enhance your coffee table's overall appeal and complement the room's style by infusing a subtle coastal touch with coastal inspired decor. Position a woven basket and a porcelain vase alongside stacked books and other beach-inspired objects strategically to add ample dimension to the tabletop. Create a textured blend by combining coral accessories, glass trinkets, and wooden accents with small vases of blue hydrangeas along your coffee table. This harmonious mix infuses warmth and lends a refreshing, clean finish to any coffee table in your space.

1. Coral Scalloped Vase- White | 2.Coral Classic Decor Object | 3.Gold and Concrete Candle Holder |4. Large Starfish Coral Decor Set/6 | 5. Ceramic Gem Trays - Set of 3 | 6. Giant Clam Shell |7. Ceramic Monkey Bowl Statue |8. Artificial Seakale Topiary Ball 25cm

Accent With A Single Coffee Table Piece

minimilist coffee table

Leave some space on your coffee table. Negative space can be just as impactful as the objects you choose to display, creating a sense of balance and calm. If a curated collection of decorative objects doesn't appeal to you and your table makes a statement on its own, whatever you place on top of it is just a bonus! Accent with a single coffee table item and welcome a minimalist approach. It's ok to lean into the simplicity of neatly curated coffee tables. Choose decor that reflects your unique personality and tells a story about who you are as you style your coffee table.

When styling your coffee table, start with a focal point, draw the eye, and spark curiosity. Enhance with a touch of greenery and introduce a stylish tray. Incorporate coastal elements and accentuate with a striking coffee table accessory. Keep it simple and inviting.

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