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Create a Welcoming Guest Bedroom

So, you're preparing to host friends or family for an overnight visit, and you want their stay to be as comfy as can be — not just a place to crash. It's about ensuring their stay is restful, memorable, and delightful. A space where they can unwind, recharge, and feel right at home.  

A welcoming guest bedroom is about thoughtful details and creating a cozy retreat. These thoughtful additions will make your guest bedroom a true home away from home.


Tip No.1 Considerate Extras

Tip No.2 Lots of Cozy Textiles

Tip No.3 Add Fresh or Faux Florals

Tip No.4 Add a Mirror

Tip No.5 Scents for Ambiance

Tip No.6 Provide Storage Space

Tip No.7 Friendly Know-How

Tip No.8 Insightful Inspiring Tips

How to Style a Welcoming Guest Room  

Tip No.1

Considerate Extras

We absolutely love adding considerate extras to make your guests feel truly special. Add personal touches that reflect your guests' taste. A basket with snacks, some travel-sized toiletries, a tray with a carafe of water, and glasses by the bedside for that extra touch of hospitality. Oh, and don't forget a guide to local attractions!

Tip No.2

Lots of Cozy Textiles

Creating a cozy haven is our forte. Layer the bed with soft throws, plump pillows, and a snug duvet to ensure your guests get a restful night's sleep. A comfortable rug by the bedside adds that extra warmth underfoot. We love the idea of your guests feeling wrapped in comfort and luxury.

Tip No.3 

Add Fresh Flowers or Faux Florals

Bringing in a touch of nature with fresh flowers adds life and warmth to the room. However, if you prefer a lasting touch, faux florals can do the trick beautifully, maintaining that welcoming vibe all year round.

Tip No.4

Add a Mirror

Prop a full-length mirror in the room to provide your guests a convenient space for getting ready. It is a win-win for bringing in natural light and the illusion of space.

mirror and decor for guest room

Tip No.5

Aromatherapy for Ambiance

Candles or diffusers with calming essential oils in the room are our go-to for creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Scents like lavender or vanilla bring in a bit of serenity and relaxation that helps your guests unwind after a day of travel or activities.

Tip No.6

Provide Storage Space

Clear space in the closet and hang up some hangers for their clothes, making it easy for them to unpack. Place a luggage rack at the foot end or in a corner for a convenient spot to store their suitcases.

Tip No.7

Friendly Know-How

Our friendly know-how involves anticipating your guests' needs. Leave a note with essential information in the guest bedroom like the Wi-Fi password and contact numbers. It's like having a personal concierge right in the room.

Tip No.8

Insightful Inspiring Tips

Infuse a bit of local flavor into the guest room's decor. It could be artwork from local artists, a map of the area, or even a small basket with local snacks. It adds a touch of charm and makes your guests feel connected to the surroundings.

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