Best Artificial Plants for the Home or Office

We all love the idea of displaying plants around the home.

But if you like me and cant seem to keep your real plants alive for more that a week, these plants and flowers can make a great substitute for the real one as picking fake plants means, they last forever.

Believe me I understand how hard this can be to accept.

But Incorporating these low maintenance beauties into your space is a easy fix as they Ideal for the living room, entrance hall and even the bedroom side table.

Depending on the quality most fake plants have a realistic texture and colour, just incase you want to avoid suspicion from guests. They also easy to maintain, simply wipe with a damp cloth from time to time.

Some of my favourite finds for under R500.

Artificial gia orchid

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Dimensions- 47.5 cm


Pink jewel orchid 5 stem

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Dimensions -54cmH


Viva Terra hanging planter

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Dimensions- 42.5cm H


Umbrella Plant with 238 leaves

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Variegated potted

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Happy styling xoxo

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