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Create A Happy Workspace That Inspires

Are you heading back to workdays after the distraction of the summer holidays, but you feeling uninspired when you sit down to work? It might be time your workspace needs a simple refresh to boost creativity post-holidays and turn your place of work back into somewhere you love to be every day since many of us work from home full-time.

When working from home, creating a harmonious and simple office space will lift your workflow and your mood to reinvigorate your space and your state of mind. And with the demands on our homes ever-evolving, they need to be much more versatile than before.

Read on for tips from restyling your work-from-home zone to shaking the inspiration back to a happy workspace that inspires.

4 Easy ways to refresh your work-from-home space for the new year.

Upgrade Your Desk Accessories.

Upgrade home office desk

The desk with a super comfortable chair and cosy rug underfoot should give you pleasure for productivity to inspire you. So do yourself a favour and make it a cozy, homey place where you can do your best work and enjoy coming to every day. Gathering items from happy memories, inspiration from a holiday photo, and collected souvenirs or keepsakes such as seashells and trinkets that call to you will instantly create a mood booster and motivate you, too.

And since we are in the spirit of a January refresh, try to keep little clutter as possible. Perfect for those craving a little order and simplicity, try adding personality to your desk to help you stay organized by investing in stacking trays to keep uncluttered surfaces, a pinboard to the wall for creativity, and a shelving unit that can double up as a divide while providing storage.

It's about personalizing what brings you joy with those little things where function and good looks find balance.

Surround Yourself With Natural Elements


Add a few personal touches to your desk space by including decor objects that give it a seasonal approach that can instantly make you feel more inspired. Try to bring in mini moments of joy with natural gems, crystals, seashells, and dried grasses styled in simple vases to refresh your workspace. Dried florals are an easy decor trend that adds character to any interior and will last all year round. Adding oversized dry flower arrangements from wheat to dried natural pampas into your design will bring a natural texture that looks very stylish.

Get A Pet Plant Or Two


If looking to be closer to nature, consider positioning your desk with a view out and if unable to do so, consider surrounding yourself with greenery to bring life to a dull indoor space. Getting succulents or terrariums to display your plants are all low-maintenance and inexpensive ways to refresh your workspace by adding to that sense of being 'in' nature.

And, If you aren't a 'keep my plants alive person, consider this collection of our most loved faux plants that look anything but.

Lighting Up Your Workstation

We have to agree here there is nothing better than a lit candle on any given day. Having a lit candle on the work desk is about setting the vibe and helping you feel ready to start work, and having a scented one from something fresh and uplifting will instantly turn up the cozy vibes while filling the room with a delicious scent. And if it adds atmosphere to your space and can help stimulate your mind, then, by all means, light them up.!!

Re-organise To Refresh


Most of us spend multiple hours sitting at our desks every day so refresh your workspace by decluttering as much as possible and ensure that each home decoration piece is well-considered for a productive working environment.

A great way to give your work-from-home space a revamp to get rid of the clutter. Creating a clean and organized workspace can help reduce stress, so fight the urge to shove all those papers into a junk drawer. Depending on your needs, use a tray for items to sit on top of your desk to make it easier to find what you need when you need it.

And don't forget to crack open a window to encourage fresh air and watch those great ideas will flow.


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