Decluttering Your Closet.... I Have Some Advice...

The easiest way to declutter your closet is by types of clothing.

Group items by category. Start with dresses, then coats, and denims to shoes and so on. This is a easy system as it will help you decided what to fold, hang, fix and donate

Clothing items that will go in drawers or in shelves fold them. Don't fold your bulky items rather put them the hanging pile. Use organisers to separate smaller items. When you fold your clothes, leave a couple of dryer sheets tucked in-between to keep them smelling fresh.

Put any dirty laundry into your laundry hamper. Anything that needs to be repaired should go to the tailor or dry cleaner. Anything that is no longer worn, put it in your Donation bag or box.

keeping basic pieces that work well together, as opposed to not wearing them again. That should go to the donation pile.

Great tip: Keep all your clothes together– don’t store off-season clothing in another area just pack them in the back of your closet. You never know when you might need them.

Now on to shoes. As you hold them up ask yourself:

  • do i still wear them

  • Do they still fit?

  • Do i like them

That will help you make a decision on what pile they should go in … Be brutal guys. Why have a 50 pairs of shoes in your closet when you really only wear 10.

Now on to the handbags.. Wow, I know you must be thinking this is getting to much, I know but you have to do it… Again ask yourself:

  • Which pieces do you love the most

  • Is it in great condition

  • Are they still in style

  • When last have i used it.

And finally Jewellery

Is it broken? can it be fixed, do i love it.. Have i even worn this?

Basically, just keep the pieces that you actually wear and the sentimental ones. Or store them in box if you only have a few pieces.

Remember guys resist the urge to shove them back.. just think of your newly decluttered closet

Well thats all from me guys..

Hope this help you on your way to decluttering your home

Happy Styling xoxo

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