Mix And Match Your Cushions

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

A fool proof way to to dress your sofa I know sometimes we all have impulses when we go shopping for furniture or decor pieces and I'm totally obsessed with throw pillows yes i Know its crazy but why not……They amazing!!

Adding these to your homes interior is an easy way to spruce up your space by adding pops of colour without a huge commitment. So today I'm going to give you a few tips on how I mix and match for my clients in a design scheme .. let me help you give your Sofa that Interior Designer dressed feel.  Yes you read right… we all need to dress up our sofa to give it a more plush and homey feel.

So lets get started with the basic principles to get your throw pillows talking:

These are some of the basic patterns styles and ways to help you get started in making your sofa really give off the wow factor. Mixing solid colours with geometric print and floral or mixing chevron with dots and knits. And then there is checkered print with toile and stripes. Once you decide on the patterns and colour scheme you want to choose to add to your space you can mix and match different textures and sizes to really complement your home.

Lets take a look at an easy way with your eyes to decide on what combination of pillows you can use to make your sofa look amazing.

Adding Blue to your homes decor

1.  BLUE- Giving this sofa that touch of pop with a dramatic feel, we mixed together velvets in blue with a bold geometric print and added a beautiful vintage indigo stripped and indigo cotton throw pillow.

Adding Yellow throws to your home decor

2. YELLOW -We freshened up this space with yellow. In this design we mixed and matched a quilted sham, patterned pillow a bit of a french yellow and a luxurious silk velvet pillow was added to the the mix

Adding red to your home decor

3. RED- Brimming with life and colour, red really make for a perfect complement to any neutral tones in but in this design we mixed patterns with a plush red velvet and added a cranberry velvet tone. A gorgeous print and red and white cabana striped pillow.

Adding black to your home design

4. BLACK- Adding classic accents for any sofa we decided to dress this design in a soft durable black and white african print, a woven linen pillow and a hand-loomed ultra soft cotton cushion and a white and black striped texture in this design.

Adding Orange to your homes decor

5. ORANGE- Refresh your room with this vibrant look. A woven texture and neutral wheat hue mixed with a botanical throw with embroidered detail. A velvet soft to the touch and lets not forget a gorgeous floral toile pattern

So make your personal statement and lounge around in comfort and style.. Let me know how that goes Send me a message to my inbox liesel@woodkainteriors.com. I would love to hear your comments.

Happy Styling xoxo

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