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Refresh Your Home For The New Year

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to reform and improve, live your best life, and get organized. You finally put away your holiday decorations now your home feels either sparsely decorated or extremely chaotic after the festive season. Not to worry... the start of the new year is the prime time to restore, restructure and redecorate.

Refresh your home for the new year- woodka-interiors

Hacks to make your space feel new & refreshed for the year ahead without spending a penny.

Change Out Your Furniture Placement


Refreshing your home without buying anything after the new year is a perfect time to shop in your home. Select your favorite art pieces or accessories from around the house or swap chairs, lamps, or other accent furniture from different rooms. Simply switching decor items or making layout changes can breathe new life into a space!

After I put my Christmas decor away, I changed the mood of my home without spending on new pieces by rotating all of my decorative accents on my coffee table and shelving.

Declutter Your Home


[ Sometimes all you need is organizing after a chaotic holiday season. ]

The more stuff we keep it tends to make our home disorganised, and a clean home makes you feel good to start decorating fresh for the new year. Take stock of how you used your home over the last year and identify the items that are no longer needed. Refresh your room by cleaning off your surfaces, spot cleaning, vacuuming, and deep cleaning your sofas. Donate the pieces that didn't spark joy in the home and give your most meaningful items a front-and-center display.

Restyle With Your Decorative Pieces


Stop fixating on keeping something in the same spot just because it has always been there. Rotate your decorative items to a well-deserved new location within the home. Change out throw pillows, restyle your coffee table or try new combinations of items from different rooms that match together for a new, refreshed feeling in a space.

I restyle my coffee table at least once every three months in my living room, using the same decor for a new and fresh look every time.

If there is a new piece of decor that can be inexpensive or even a splurge that gets you excited about a start fresh? ... You should let yourself splurge once in a while and find at least one new piece of decor to inspire you to give your space a new look.

I hope you enjoyed these simple tips on Refreshing Your Home for the New Year.


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