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Spring Decor Ideas to Spruce up the Home

From contemporary, glam, farmhouse-inspired, no matter what style describes your home, here are a few simple spring decor ideas to help spruce up and breathe new life into your home.


Usher in the spring season and upgrade your space for an instant reset and refresh.

Seasonal Updates

chic statement bedroom

Adding chic statement pieces from the living room to the bedroom will spruce up a room and make your home feel bright and new. Choose airy textures, good quality, breathable and natural materials. Incorporate everything that the spring season has to offer. Spring decor can be simple. From textured throws to patterned pillows for depth and color to pops of live greenery that will easily complement your current interior. Simply adding colour to the home will instantly get into the spring state of mind.

Quick Tip: Scented candles and room scents always!! – no matter which room!

Florals and Fresh Green

plants in living room

Tones of naturally-inspired green will be a huge trend this year, so inject a sense of whimsy into any space with greenery. Whether live or artificial, they breathe life into any space. Update any shelf by decorating with plants in similar color planters such as woven baskets and pops of terracotta color palettes. Have little space but do not want to do without a fresh green? Then hanging plants are perfect! And let's not forget floral arrangements, definitely rank in our top three. Cut fresh flowers from your garden or get some from your local shop as a freshly cut floral arrangement for your dining room table, guest room, or nightstand really shines. A minimal yet statement décor item when everything else is in neutral tones.

Quick Tip: Embrace pampas grass!!. On an entrance table- an instant subtle touch to your space. P.S. It lasts forever.

Load on the Texture

wall art with cushions

From faux fur, textured rugs, and wall hangings -Inspired natural decor to nature-inspired hues brings a bohemian approach with earthy soothing shades to evoke a sense of calm into the interiors.

Soften the look of your home with textured surfaces, plush textiles, and decorative items such as fabrics, woven furniture, rugs, and wall hangings. From a high pile woven rug to transform the feeling of a room or layering a wall with a lush weaved wall hanging and incorporating one or two baskets to bring in an organic element. -(doubling up as handy storage in any room). These are some textual elements that create a warm and inviting space.

While we have spent more time in our homes over the last few years, we will continue to take advantage of space in new ways. Inspire towards calm and comfort by designing a space with earthy palettes to pet-friendly features and your well-being in mind. Home is a place to create your own version of happiness. The best way is to start collecting things from your own personal style versus following trends.

We hope you find some spring decoration inspiration that will easily complement your current interior.


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