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Woodka Interiors Decorating Tips To Style Your Home

The most inviting and beautiful interiors are designed when a decorator or homeowner taking risks and breaking a few rules during their decorating journey. Our top 5 easy décor tips to upgrade your new or lived-in space.


Try Small Updates First

Trying small-scale updates in the home creates unexpected changes with results you will love, so focus on these elements first. Updating the light fixtures to the style of your home, adding new window treatments, replacing your cabinet hardware, or considering a fresh coat of paint. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference these updates can make in the home.


Take You Time

There is no need to rush the process. So take your time!! Decorate one room at a time, and collect pieces that mean something to you. In the end, the purpose of decorating a beautiful space is to make it look unintentional and let your home tell your family's story.


Bring Life Into Your Space

A pretty potted plant on a side table or a small tree in a corner will instantly add a chic look to any area. Incorporating greenery with plenty of lush green houseplants will turn your space into a happy abode.

Quick Tip: Everything doesn't have to match - mix things artfully


Add Unique Accents

Layering is a great way to add variety and fresh pops of color. Bring in those different textures, add a multi-hued area rug to warm things up, a statement lamp to illuminate a dark corner, or throw pillows in different colors and sizes to spice things up. A single statement piece can update and make a room feel finished and instantly renew the overall look. These updates couldn't be any easier, simply switch and swap whenever to refresh your look. Remember: The many design rules were created for aesthetic reasons and are not set in stone.


Don't Be Afraid To Break The Rules

You don't need to be following a specific set of rules to decorate your home. Trusting your own style choices will allow you to achieve the overall look, feel, and style.

A) Add artwork in place of a mirror

Switch up that mirror with some stunning artwork. It's a brilliant way to inject personality and style into a space.

B)  Layer rug on rug

Toss one rug on top of another for a snug, layered vibe. Different rug patterns or textures can create a visually appealing and cozy atmosphere. 

C) Add a gorgeous splash of color to the ceiling

How about giving your ceiling a gorgeous burst of color? It's like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed!


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