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Get To Know More About Woodka Interiors

The Home Decor Store For all Things Chic

Woodka- Interiors About

Affordable And Beyond Beautiful Home Décor

From must-have homeware to gifts for loved ones, Woodka Interiors provides options suitable for everyone and helps make spaces come alive with the perfect pieces. One of our favorite things is seeing how customers use their new items. We get so excited when we see photos of how you've styled your home with our products!

How Woodka Interiors Started

A mix of the love for design and the simple beauty of homemaking inspired us to open Woodka Interiors as a "home away from home" store. With our combined experience in the decorating and sales fields and many, many hours of learning with months of planning and execution- we soon launched in June 2018, filled with hand-selected decor, furniture from local manufacturers, candles, throws, beautiful inspiration pieces, and so much more. This little store offered people to find things for their homes or gifts for loved ones, and we had the pleasure of meeting many who travel from far and near to visit to find pieces that fit their unique styles. Hesitated to take this leap for years, Woodka Interiors soon grew to become our full-time career.

With many requests, we soon realized that many of our customers were asking if we had an online store too. So why not!!. Turning a small space in our home into a shipping warehouse and becoming "experts" in many different areas of photography, web development, and marketing - the list was endless. In late 2019, our journey of creating our online destination went live. It is surreal to think that this is our brand, and we couldn't be more excited to share this new extension of Woodka Interiors with everyone.

How to shop online at Woodka Interiors

Our online store isn't just a business - it offers customers a variety of products they can use to improve their homes. We love helping clients find the perfect furniture, gift, or connection in their own spaces. We're always looking for new adventures and ways to make our clients happy- starting with the little things. Woodka Interiors is the ideal store for finding stylish home decor items.

Some Of Our Most Must-Have Collections For Your Home


From must-have products to gifts for loved ones, Woodka provides options suitable for everyone and helps make spaces come alive with their perfect pieces. Since relocating to the Western Cape in October 2022, our clients have continued to be our prime focus. And, with each new collection, we aim to inspire your creativity with simple, natural materials designed to be comfortable and help inspire you to create a life and a home you love to live in! We love helping people find what they're looking for -as we love all things house and home.

We hope you find our collections of furniture and accessories beautiful and helpful in creating a home that makes you happy. Our team members are always ready and excited to help you find the perfect pieces for your home or decorating project. We appreciate your support as we continuously work to build a brand that everyone can enjoy!

Preview new products + accessories or visit the Woodka Interiors website to browse and shop:

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