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You Can't Go Wrong With These Flower Vases

The Best Vases of 2023

Whether they're holding freshly picked blossoms or not, decorating with vases is a great way to add a stylish finish to any room. So to find the perfect piece for your home, I thought to put together a guide of my favorites types of vases that will look great in any decor setting that can be used as sophisticated sculptural furnishing or decorative vessel for your favourite blooms for the perfect touch anywhere in your home. Whether you prefer classic pieces with clean lines or whimsical sculptures with flower accents, these versatile vessels are perfect for bringing life to any room.


Having the right vase can make all the difference in your home. Whether looking for a classic, elegant option or something rustic and wild, there is a vase perfect for every style. As for choosing a flower vase, you should consider its appearance and how well it works with your flowers. Glass vases are the most versatile of the bunch -it looks great with any greenery or floral arrangement and is super versatile! Here are our top picks for 2023: The best all-around option when picking out a flower vase.

Glass Vases Are The Most Versatile Of The Bunch.


Glass vases are the most versatile of the bunch and they can be used with any style of floral. They're also great for artificial arrangements and look especially lovely when paired with other glassware. Glass vases can be used indoors and outdoors, so you can display them anywhere in your home--from your kitchen window to your bathroom vanity. You might even want to buy multiple sizes for different rooms!

The best all-around option that you can fill with your favorite greenery or flowers.

Bubble Vase (Clear) 33cm

Add a touch of intrigue to your home décor with the striking bubble vase.

Lustre Glass Gem Vase

The unique character of the glass sheen is an elegant and decorative piece.

Dimple Vase

An inspired finish in a smoky tone makes this vase perfect for any floral arrangement.

Vase Frost Green Glass

An ideal vessel to home your favourite floral arrangement or dried florals.

Vase Green Steps

A unique design to display your favourite statement stems in your interior.

Recycled Glass Vase 47cm

It will be the perfect addition to any table top, yet also work as stunning standalone piece.

One of my favorite design items to incorporate in any area is recycled glass vases. They go well with a variety of decorating styles, from a modern appearance with clean lines to an urban farmhouse style, thanks to their simple and clear shape.


Ceramic vases are also versatile, but they're sometimes best suited for flowers that don't require frequent watering. If you want to use a ceramic vase as an alternative to glass or metal, consider using it with flowers that need less water, such as roses and dahlias.

Ceramic Vases Are Also Versatile.


Ceramic vases are easy to care for: Simply fill them with water and change them every few weeks (or when the soil feels dry). To prevent over-watering, don't let your flowers sit in standing water--instead, add more fresh H2O on top of what's already in there each time you visit!

Bring a artisanal style to your tabletop with the ceramic vase.

Ceramic Bergan Vase White

A striking centerpiece to a side table or shelf while showing off your great taste.

Ceramic Bottle Vase 29x15cm

Update your shelfie styling with its striking decorative characteristics.

Vase Horse Bust Ceramic 46x30cm

This eccentric vase contrasts beautifully against bright bouquets.

Ceramic Vase-Face 23cm

This vase will add the perfect finishing touch and a bit of quirkiness to your home.

Vase Bubble Ceramic Black

This ceramic bubble vase makes a stylish decorative accessory to any tabletop.

Bubble Vase-Ceramic- 35x18cm

The bubbly and uneven surface adds an extra splash of originality to your home.

Can we pause for a second while I introduce you to this surreal faux foliage stems that make a long-lasting choice for flower vases. These forever flora branches require no maintenance making them the ideal pick for a touch of spring colour to make your table vase pop.


So there you have it: the best flower vases of 2023.

I hope this guide has helped you find the perfect flower vase for your home, whether it be glass, ceramic, or even metal! With the new home collection, you can create a wonderful nook that is eye-catching and will enable the season to get off to the most springlike start. If not, don't worry--there are plenty more options out there for you to explore. Good luck on your decorating journey!

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