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Lighting Fixtures For Every Room In The Home

With the correct type of lighting, you change the aesthetic of an entire room. Easy tips for adding lighting fixtures to any room of your home.


A well-lit home creates a warm, inviting, and welcoming space.

Lighting has always been an essential component set to brighten and undoubtedly an easy way to elevate your home's decor and make a style statement even when switched off. With the correct type of lighting, you change the aesthetic of an entire room. And so is the importance when it comes down to layering the lighting in a room. For hints of soft shine in an intimate dining area or bold radiance for a large living room, lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling pendants effortlessly lights up your space to complement your style.

Let's bring some easy tips for adding lighting fixtures to any room of your home.

Entryway Lighting:

Bring visual interest to your entryway by displaying your table lamp on an accent table and adding a set of statement-making bookends, decorative vases, or a faux plant for more styling options. The easiest option for entryway lighting is a set of table lamps, a statement pendant, or wall light fixtures. You can set up a table lamp on a console table. A hanging pendant fixtureis a classic way to illuminate the area as a modern decor piece while finishing the space with a simple pair of wall scones that draw the eye to furniture and don't overcrowd the floor while bringing a more styled look to a room.

Bedroom Lighting:

Installing single pendants above your nightstands or positioning table lamps in a matching design on your nightstands will warm and illuminate your space while providing generous ample lighting for nighttime reading.To brighten up, add a floor lamp in the corner of your room near the dresser, and if you have an armchair or reading nook, arrange the floor lighting that puts illumination right where you need it.

Dining Room Light Fixtures:

From entryways to dining rooms and bedrooms, a statement home light fixture (like these) brings a sleek modern appeal to any room as a chic accessory. Place it on your nightstand or over a dining room table as a statement decor- it works everywhere. Choose from various styles ranging from wooden fixtures to polymer illuminants and glass pendants to metal designs to spotlight the dining table. Chandeliers or a hanging pendant over the dining table provide a luxe feel of illumination for a dining room. Or arrange wall lighting fixtures lengthwise of the room with dimmers for more atmospheric lighting.

Quick tip

Light fixtures complete the room and complement many aesthetics.Be sure to scatter coordinate light fixtures throughout your home for a modern mixed look. Whatever lighting you opt for, be sure to hire a pro installer.

Living Area Light Fixtures:

Take advantage of all kinds of lighting fixtures in the living room to illuminate and highlight furnishings and create a warm overall appearance. A floor lamp to extend lighting can be arranged on the side or behind a sofa as a stylish addition. Place table lamps on an end table or console table to add a beam of coherent light and soft illumination to spruce up a dull area. If you have wall area space to spare, add sleek modern wall scones to add ambient light to the room while allowing the living area to feel open, inviting, and spacious. If overhead lighting is a better fit, consider a pendant light fixture, they provide the perfect balance in the space with much-needed ample lighting.

Kitchen Light Fixtures:

The same goes for hanging a pendant in the kitchen. Two or three small pendants are stylish additions that add varying amounts of light. Take the layout of the kitchen into account. Break down each section's illumination needs with ambient, task, and accent fixtures to create a well-lit space. A pendant light is ideal for task lighting providing enough illumination to light a prep area and the sink. Hang a light fixture directly over your kitchen island to emphasise a focal point. Wall lights are a great alternative to down-lights and provide accent light to other areas.

Bathroom Lighting:

Elevate your bathroom's style and functionality with modern lights that enhance the experience. Bathroom sconces add personality to the process. Wall sconces or vanity fixtures on either side of the mirror over the sink are the most common bathroom fixture. Design to hang anywhere, a ceiling pendant provides illumination while allowing the area to feel open and spacious. Be sure to take the room's layout into account. A pendant light takes advantage of high ceilings and completes the room, while wall sconces provide illumination and add personality. Together they complement the space in terms of layering lighting.

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