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Top Ways To Style Your Home With Artificial Plants

Plants add opulence to your interior design. Flowers in a vase or potted greens will dramatically improve your decor. However, houseplants, require a lot of attention, and not everyone has a green thumb. Artificial greens, on the other hand, are exactly what you need if you want to add the aesthetics of plants to your space but are afraid of killing them. When it comes to artificial plants, there are several artificial plant arrangement ideas to brighten up your living space.

Lets take a quick overlook at the advantages of Artificial plants

The Advantages of Using Artificial Plants in Home Decoration:

  • The first and most obvious benefit of having artificial plants at home is that they don't need to be watered, fertilized, or pruned regularly.

  • Extremely busy people may consider bringing an artificial plant into their homes.

  • Artificial greenery, unlike natural plants, does not attract insects, pests, or bugs.

  • They only require minor maintenance, such as cleaning the leaves or stems once or twice a week.

  • Artificial plants will not require a specific type of soil, light, or temperature to stay alive and well.

  • Plants can thus be used in even the drabbest of spaces!

  • The artificial plants you bring home will not change with the seasons.

  • Artificial plants do not cause allergies and are also non-toxic to pets.

Your hunt for Artificial plants and flowers has come to an end!! At Woodka Interiors, they have a range of home decor and accessories that is one-of-a-kind, just like you. And bonus, you can get Artificial plants and flowers in South Africa online. It is a place where you can find everything from vases to baskets and artificial flowers so that you can make your dreams of having aesthetically pleasing decor.

Some More Artificial Plant Arrangement Ideas to brighten up your Living Space

How About A Planting Station

Every home has at least one dark, windowless corner begging for decor inspiration. So, why not give this corner a companion.

Yes, you guess it right, Fake Plants. Fake plants are always a good choice if you want to enjoy the visual effect of greenery.

Place them next to the couch, sofas or side tables for a more aesthetic look. You can also use Artificial Plants on shelves and closed window sills that can give a “Mogli” jungle feel.

Fake Climbers For The Empty Wall

Money plants and fake climbers make wonderful additions to any home. If you have a

blank wall, try putting a ladder up. Make a small custom-made ladder or a grid to hang

the fake flower climbers from. This is an excellent way to add colour to drab, empty walls.

Today's recommendation: Opt for Realistic colours:- If you want to pass artificial flowers off as real, choose flowers with realistic colours. Avoid using colours like purple, green, or blue and instead use believable colours like red, pink, or white to make them look more realistic.

Hang Those Pretty Decor On The Wall

The best way to display your fake plants is to hang them. They'll be the best ornaments, bringing unrivalled elegance to the table. They'll also look great in smaller spaces like living rooms. Artificial plants in hanging pots will make decorating your living room much easier than real greens because they won't need to be watered every day and won't require you to get up every day to maintain them.

Last but not least make use of lovely plant pots.

Use unique pot planters to display artificial plants. You can use any type of pot or make your own and paint them to look old and rustic. Make a deliberate effort to simplify your life. You've come to the right place if you're looking for artificial plants and flowers in South Africa. Woodka Interiors help you to pick only the highest-quality products to style and decorate your home. Hurry up!! Get yourself the best interior decors.


That’s all from our end. Are you excited to decorate your home with these marvellous human creations? Do not put it off any longer. Bring to live your dream of jaw-dropping rooms!

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