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Styling With Rugs

Laying it down right

A rug can tie a room together, bring in warmth and assist with layering the decor of a room. A great way to ground a room, add style and much needed texture to any space. They instantly make a space feel more welcoming, especially if they have a pattern that matches the rest of the decor in the home. So whether your style is modern or vintage, adding a rug to your space will lend a much-needed cozy vibe to your room and a great way to put colour in your home. From bold statement-making rugs to subtle accents that bring a room together, why not give your sacred space a snug feel from the floor up.

From Defining Areas

When correctly placed, an area rug can help anchor the furniture in a room, which helps to create a cozy, intimate space. Using a rug to define or separate areas, such as seating or bedroom areas, is especially useful for rooms that need definition. If you are looking to create variety in a space, you can find a wide range of styles and colours when you use two rugs in a room. Be sure to look for rugs that complement each other but are not too similar that they compete. Somewhat in the same color family or tone to the overall colour scheme of your home to ensure it blends well with the rest of the room.

Making A Room Feel More Spacious.

Walking into a room that may not have a rug makes it feel smaller than if the room has one. Because rugs add a lot of visual space to a room. Be sure to get the right size when placing a floor rug in any room. Wide enough to accommodate both feet and leave the floor bare at the edges makes the room look larger.

In addition, rugs can provide comfort, especially if you are living in a colder climate. We all know how cold your floors can get, so you may find laying a rug down in your room to have something soft to step on will also help the room stay warmer and provide a sense of instant coziness to the space.

A quick tip Keep your rug away from heat sources. Heat causes floor rugs to expand and contract, which can cause damage to the fibres.

To Choosing A Rug Size

Choosing the right size rug can also drastically alter the entire vision of your room. With many shapes and sizes, choose a rug size that fits the area where you plan to place it. A small space requires smaller rugs, while larger rooms need bigger ones. Also, consider the height of the furniture and other decor objects in the room to decide how large the area rug should be, ensuring that it blends well with the rest of the room.

A quick tip Rugs are used in many ways in our homes. So to dress up those walls and use a rug as a wall hanging. Another fun way to display a rug.

Create Harmony In Your Space

Rugs aren’t always the first thing we think about when decorating a space, but they can give a room life and dimension. An area rug is the perfect decorative feature that will tie the room together and enhance any space. Whether you want a subtle pop of color, a stylish rich neutral, or a decorative design, there’s an area rug to bring an extra layer of warmth and style to any room.

Happy Styling xo

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