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Decorating Your Home With Baskets

Baskets are simple, sleek, and reliable, a perfect hideaway for magazines, a home for your faux plant, or a storage solution that delivers.

wicket table-basket-with decor

Chances are if when looking around, you likely have a few baskets here and there proudly displayed around the home. In many styles and shapes to storage space and longevity, baskets are versatile accessories making them a great choice to use in any room. Appealing enough to sit out and be used and displayed in any space, they do the job of keeping your stationery or books organized, laundry hampers, or as an extra storage solution. A sturdy statement piece in every room. The perfect resting spot for those things you need on hand.

Weave these baskets into your decor to create spaces that are functionally visually appealing.

Woven baskets for storage and styling ideas

Ever wonder how to turn your living space to "wow" without breaking a sweat? Well, enter stylish storage – baskets! These woven wonders are not just for hiding things; they're the ultimate storage solutions to making your home look effortlessly put together.

Creative ways to use decorative woven baskets in the home

It's not just about storage: it's about turning your home into a cozy, organized masterpiece with functional charm. You can transform any room into a well-styled space. Say goodbye to the days of rummaging through bedroom shelves. Bring order to the chaos in your home office. Toss in your throws, stash away magazines, or corral toys for a chic haven of style.

From coffee table centerpieces to bathroom storage, these functional décor pieces prove that affordability and style can go hand in hand. Who said practical couldn't be pretty.

Woven baskets can turn your entryway into a welcoming haven, be organized storage in your home office, or finally bid farewell to closet chaos. Declutter with flair as you incorporate these timeless pieces to bring form and function to your home.

Use Baskets As Planters

tree  in a belly woven basket

Using baskets as planters make for a stunning decorative feature to house a gorgeous tree. Baskets are lighter than typical planters, making it easy to move from room to room. Consider using larger baskets for floor plants and smaller ones for tabletop arrangements. Place the pot directly inside or replant the contents using a liner to protect your basket. You might also want to be sure you remove the plant and clean the stand with a dry cloth occasionally. Woven baskets complement the natural elements of plants, creating a harmonious and organic look.

Organize Your Bathroom

woven baskets in bathroom

Upgrade your bathroom storage by swapping out traditional shelves for woven baskets. A gorgeous basket can keep things unseen, like dirty laundry. Roll towels, organize products, or store soaps and lotions. Tuck them away on a floating shelf in your bathroom to hold other handy knickknacks out of sight, keeping your space tidy. Woven baskets also work well in the bathroom for hand towels or in the closet for smaller accessories. It also adds a touch of rustic charm to your bathroom décor.

Storage You Want To Put On Display

woven basket next to sofa

Keep a basket next to your couch for cozy throw blankets. There is no shame in wanting your blankets out for others to see especially throws with different textures and color's. Using a wicker basket gives you easy reach to your throws in a more modern, compact way instead of looking too cluttered. Easily roll them up into a little batch and tuck them inside your basket. This also makes the basket double as a leisure décor piece.

A Basket for Every Corner

basket on table with decor objects

Baskets on an entryway table could be the ideal resting spot for those things you need to grab on the way out, such as keys, phone, and sunglasses. Keep coffee table books or photo albums next to your sofa instead of on your coffee table. Some baskets come with a lid or handle, making it a show-off piece first and an organizational piece second.

Organize The Office

woven baskets in a office setting

A lovely rope basket would work well for items like office desk accessories or entryway organization to organize candles, pens, and other tabletop items. It could hold special notes or mementos, a piece used as a display item and an organizational item. Keeping organized to easily see and find what you are looking for is ideal for the modern office. Smaller baskets can corral keys, sunglasses, or mail, ensuring that your home office remains functional and clutter-free.

Keep Toys Out of Sight

basket on floor in bedroom

Put it to work by adding a few storage baskets for your child's room, from holding toys, books, and clothing that need a place to go. Whether it's neatly folded linens or a collection of the kids favorite accessories, these baskets provide a home for everything. Using baskets allows an easy way to find and reach what they need while still looking fresh and sleek.

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3 ways to pick the perfect woven basket

woven basket set of 3

1. Consider the size

Woven baskets come in endless shapes and various sizes. If planning to use a woven basket to move from room to room, to hold toys easy for young ones to lift on their own-to-house cleaning supplies, you will want to opt for a smaller, lighter basket. If for storing off-season clothes in a closet or a basket that will remain in one place for a while—it can be heavier and bulkier in size.

2. Pick a style that suites your home

Select a woven basket that best fits your existing décor and your style.

  • Seagrass baskets tend to lean more coastal or boho chic.

  • Whereas Hyacinth baskets are more of a classic look.

  • Natural materials such as palm and rattan give your space an airy feel.

  • Rope baskets can help store things while blending in with almost any décor.

Of course, selecting a basket that is a new style to you can be a great way to change up the aesthetic in a room.

3. Find the purpose of the basket

As some baskets are pricier than others, determining their purpose before investing is a great option. A basket in the bedroom may experience extra wear and tear, whereas if placed in the living room to hold coffee table books or photo albums may lean more towards luxe.

In that case, opt to mix and match different baskets with durable construction of tightly woven rattan and rope.

How to Care for Your Baskets

Cleaning woven baskets is a breeze to keep them looking fresh and fabulous. Preserve the beauty of woven baskets with regular, gentle upkeep. Use these tips to keep your baskets looking stylish and well cared for.

Dust Regularly:

Handle Stains with Care:

Avoid Excess Moisture:

Sunlight Sensitivity:

Use a Soft Brush:

Spot Test New Cleaners:

Dry Thoroughly:

TLC for Handles and Trim:

Preserve Your Basket

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